A pirate LARP for four players by Roxy Anne Kawitzky, Desilu Crossman and Simon Cross written at the October 2011 LARP writers' workshop.

  • Expected running time: 15 minutes
  • Setting: a small cave on an island


Player Characters


  • Crusty the cook (deceased)


Treasure box:

  • On front:
    • cannot be moved
    • requires both halves of the key to be opened
    • flip over when opened
  • On reverse:
    • treasure beyond your wildest dreams and stuff

DMs Notes

Other LARPs ideas considered

  • Family therapy session
  • Fifteen minutes to live
  • Picking the person to get the antidote


  • Rolf (Captain Nobeard)
  • Adrianna (Silvertongue)
  • Justin (Biscuit)
  • Beth (Tenzin)
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