One-night tabletop roleplaying games for four players and a GM

By the Rivers Dark

A last-minute fantasy module

Brothers in Arms

A fantasy D&D module in a rural winter setting

Mini Mine Module

A very short and simple demo module

Snakesford series

Investigative modules set in the town of Snakesford, featuring drow, yuan-ti and other D&D races with bad PR in a steampunk-ish setting. Quite long; I recommend running them over two or more sessions.

The Curse of the Jet Abacus

A nobleman involved in a prestigious railway project is mysteriously murdered.

The Case of the Missing Memories

Arson, murder and theft strike a local illithid temple.

Bard series

System-light D&D modules about bards and bands.

This is Vorpal Mace

A band reforms one more time to challenge their nemesis at the realm's most prestigious musical contest.

Swan Song

A seemingly normal family surviving in a musical dystopia is drawn into conflict.

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