Doji Kamenosuke

Attribute and Skill Ranks

2Below Averaged20
4Above Averaged10
6Very Highd6



Vital Statistics

  • Current Age: 15
  • Black hair. Not dyed.
  • Heritage: Mother died a glorious death during the fall of Otsan Uchi, dueling Lost Samurai to hold a doorway while courtiers (including Kamenosuke's father) escaped. Free emphases in Iajitsu and Kenjitstu.


  • Naginata
  • Wakizashi (belonged to mother; fine quality)
  • Katana
  • Tanto
  • Clothing: Travelling Hakama, Training Kimono, Travelling Kimono, Court Kimono (Crane colours, but very subtle mon).
  • Money: 10 koku, 3 bu


  • Average Fire (d12).
  • Below Average Earth (d20).
  • High Air (d8).
  • Average Water (d12).
  • Average Void (d12).


  • Average... (d12)
    • Doji Courtier School (primary school)
  • Above Average... (d10)
    • Shiba Bushi School (emphases: Kenjitsu; Iajitsu)
    • Etiquette
  • Below Average... (d20)
    • Meditation
    • Tea Ceremony
    • Calligraphy
    • Crane Lore
    • Athletics
    • Gardening
    • Horsemanship
  • Low... (d30)
    • Game: Letter Writing
    • Performance
    • Storytelling
    • Architechture


  • Dangerous Beauty, 2pts
  • Voice, 3pts (-1 for Crane)
  • Karmic Tie, 2pts: To Agasha Ishie.
  • Ally, 3pts (-1 for Crane): Uncle, Kakita Sanetomo?.
  • Ally, 2pts (-1 for Crane): Daidoji Misao?, kimono store owner.
  • Ally, 2pts (-1 for Crane): Tonbo Soichi?, Dragonfly yojimbo.


  • Obligation, 2pts: Was betrothed to Tonbo Akemi who was killed during the massacre of the Dragonfly. Kamenosuke now owes the Dragonfly something of similar value - probably his marriage to someone of the Dragonfly's choice.
  • True Love, 3pts: Has fallen in love with Doji Inoue, a young Doji courtier he met at the gempukku ceremonies.
  • Compulsion, 2pts: Musicians, and especially biwe players, remind him of his youngest sister and he finds it difficult to refuse them anything.
  • Obligation, 2pts: The Phoenix allowed him to train with the Shiba after the Dragonfly massacre.
  • Rage, 1pt: Kamenosuke's mother was a Kakita duelist who died protecting his father. In addition, many of his extended family are Kakita duelists. In his eyes, Kakita duelists can do no wrong and he will not tolerate any insult to them.

Immediate Family - Outline

  • Father: Doji courtier.
  • Mother: Kakita duelist (deceased).
  • Born the 3rd of 5 children.
  • 2 older brothers (eldest a duelist; other a courtier).
  • 2 younger sisters (youngest a musician - plays biwe and sings; other a courtier).

Early Life History

  • 1151: Born.
  • Age 0-7: On father's lands in Crane territory. Studied basics of Doji Courtier school.
  • Age 8-14: Fostered with Dragonfly and trained at the Shiba Bushi school.
  • Age 15: Gempukku. In Crane lands. Named Kamenosuke (Turtle's Helper).
  • Pre-gempukku name was Saburo; a common name for a 3rd son.
  • Foster with Dragonfly until shortly before the massacre of the Dragonfly by the Lion.
  • Crane got word of massacre and arranged to have Kamenosuke moved to Shiba Bushi school shortly beforehand.
  • Trained with Shiba until after Kyuden Tonbo was rebuilt and resupplied.
  • While with the Shiba, was assigned to train with Agasha Ishie.

Campaign History

  • Campaign starts in late autumn.
  • Passed through Toshi Ranbo and Oiku on way from gempukku to Kyuden Tonbo.
  • Doji Hiroshi (Crane diplomat from Toshi Ranbo) wants DK to meet him in Kyuden Tonbo (word passed to DK via family). Tall and thin.
  • Tonbo Sata (Dragonfly diplomat from Toshi Tonbo). Has rooms in Kyuden Tonbo. Has recently been to Toshi Ranbo and Mamaru Kyoki Toshi. Medium-sized.
  • Asako Tetsu (Phoenix).
  • 15 koku of rice being sent to Shigematsu in Nanashi Mura. Rice and mules to be collected in Toi Koku and delivered to Nanashi Mura.

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