Swan Song

Number of players: 4
System: D&D 3.5
Setting: Dystopian musical fantasy

Twenty years have passed since the Harmonious Ruler unified the kingdom with his Righteous Song. In this brave new world, music is a highly controlled substance, and the Church of Harmony crushes all unlicensed use under its melodious boot. At the head of the Church's Sonic Legion is a hierarchy of lute-wielding bardic priests, led by a trio of the Harmonious Ruler's most zealous converts—bearers of the legendary instruments which enabled his rise to power.

In the barter town of Deepfort, poised between the Harmonious Kingdom and the neutral drow territories underground, the last vestige of the Resistance does its best to survive and keep hope alive, while a monstrous echo of a fallen hero devours innocents and enemies alike. In the nearby village of Stonebridge, an ordinary family lives a quiet life away from the dangers of the occupied cities. But in the forest a dark crescendo is building, and before long they will all be thrown together in a symphony which may reverberate through the kingdom for years to come.


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