Grove of Fallen Leaves

Genre: high fantasy
Players: Undisclosed! Somewhere between 10 and 15. A third of the characters are female.

The forest is at war.

What began as a dispute over a trade route has escalated. The elven nation of Calen-Earanth is engaged in a vicious conflict with the neighbouring kingdom of Tamarys and its ally to the east, Kargare. The Tamarian army, under the command of Lord Gillean, has been burning a path through the forest in an attempt to capture the elven city of Quellostar.

As the humans launch a major push towards the city, they are ambushed. Elves and druids wielding powerful magic cause the forest itself to strike back against them. The Tamarians suffer devastating losses and flee, many becoming lost in the forest's depths.

In the Grove of Fallen Leaves all is silent apart from the rustle of the wind in the great oaks. Will its tranquility be disturbed?

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