Genre: Science fiction / horror
Players: 6 men, 5 women, 3 of either gender.

The Glimmer colony was supposed to bring hope to a polluted, overcrowded Earth. Three hundred brave volunteers were sent in cryosleep to a new planet, to set up a terraforming project and open a gate back home—but something has gone terribly wrong. The Dromedaris has disintegrated while entering the planet's atmosphere, scattering its cargo over kilometres of rain-blasted grassland.

The skeleton crew has established contact with a handful of colonists—together, they have done their best to salvage resources and continue their work, despite the catastrophic setback. A scientific base has been set up in the remains of an equipment module. Now, a week after the crash, it has received a brief, disturbing communication from the captain: the crew has been forced to destroy and evacuate the command module following hostile action by an unspecified enemy.

The survivors are on their way—and something is following them.

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