Local Multi-Deck Tournament Rules

VEKN multi-deck rules

The current VEKN Tournament rules for multi-deck tournaments are (Section 3.1.5):

Players are prohibited from making modifications to their decks between rounds unless the tournament uses the following multi-deck rules. The multi-deck system can be used at any tournament with fewer than 12 players (i.e., fewer than three tables). Organizers choosing to use this system must announce its use in advance of the tournament date. Players may choose to bring any number of tournament-legal decks to the tournament and/or extra cards to exchange with cards in their decks (also known as a sideboard in some games). Between rounds, players may freely switch decks (or cards in their decks). A tournament begun with the multi-deck system cannot admit more players between rounds if doing so would create a round with 12 or more players.

Local additions

For more consistency in the tournament and to avoid issues with the earlier rounds having little relevance to the final table, we use the following 2 small additions to the tournament rules in local tournaments. These should be announced to the players before the start of the tournament, since they are additional modifications on top of the base VEKN rules.