Imperator Decks

The Cape Town Imperator storyline tournament on 13 June 2009 will run with three different Imperator decks. The three decks will be randomly assigned to tables at the start of each round, including the final.

The three decks each represent an aspect of the struggle for dominance within the Camarilla: warfare, politics and wealth. There is a common module of twenty cards that is present in all three decks and then a deck-specific module of ~20 cards for each of the three decks.

Common Module

Action [4]
  1x Fourth Tradition: The Accounting
  1x Sixth Tradition: Destruction
  1x Fifth Tradition: Hospitality
  1x Third Tradition: Progeny

Equipment [1]
  1x Blade of Enoch

Master [13]
  1x Tragic Love Affair
  1x Lesser Boon
  2x Major Boon
  1x Elysium: The Palace of Versailles
  1x Letter from Vienna
  1x Whispers of the Nictuku
  1x Elysium: The Arboretum
  1x Elysium: Sforzesco Castle
  1x Cultivated Blood Shortage
  1x Minor Boon
  1x Life Boon
  1x Malkavian Dementia

Political Action [1]
  1x Consanguineous Boon

Reaction [1]
  1x Second Tradition: Domain

Imperator: Warfare

Action Modifier/Combat [1]
  1x Ritual of the Bitter Rose

Combat [19]
  1x High Ground
  1x Weighted Walking Stick
  1x Taste of Vitae
  1x Glancing Blow
  1x Shoulder Drop
  1x Zip Gun
  1x Boxed In
  1x Backstep
  1x Fake Out
  1x Molotov Cocktail
  1x Save Face
  1x Haymaker
  1x Dragon's Breath Rounds
  1x Lucky Blow
  1x Target Retainer
  1x Trap
  1x Dodge
  1x Amaranth
  1x Concealed Weapon

Imperator: Politics

Action [1]
  1x Will of the Council

Action Modifier [1]
  1x Bribes

Action Modifier/Reaction [1]
  1x Mob Rule

Master [1]
  1x Esgrima

Political Action [14]
  1x Praxis Seizure: Geneva
  1x Sabbat Threat
  1x Justicar Retribution
  1x Praxis Seizure: Paris
  1x Command of the Harpies
  1x Consanguineous Condemnation
  1x Honor the Elders
  1x Praxis Seizure: Brussels
  1x Praxis Seizure: Stockholm
  1x Disputed Territory
  1x Masquerade Enforcement
  1x Praxis Seizure: Rome
  1x Political Flux
  1x Praxis Seizure: Barcelona

Reaction [4]
  1x Poison Pill
  1x Delaying Tactics
  1x Irregular Protocol
  1x Surprise Influence

Imperator: Wealth

Action [2]
  1x Anonymous Freight
  1x Jack of Both Sides

Ally [2]
  1x Arcanum Investigator
  1x Procurer

Equipment [10]
  1x Flash Grenade
  1x Unlicensed Taxicab
  1x Laptop Computer
  1x Palatial Estate
  1x Learjet
  1x Cooler
  1x Bomb
  1x Hawg
  1x Leather Jacket
  1x Improvised Flamethrower

Master [4]
  2x Vast Wealth
  1x Nod
  1x Anarch Troublemaker

Political Action [1]
  1x Can't Take it with You

Retainer [1]
  1x Mr. Winthrop