Easter Egg Ante Rules

Other than the exceptions listed here, the standard VEKN tournament rules apply.

Legal Cards

The following cards from the VEKN banned list are allowed:

Ante rules

Each tournament round will be played for ante.

At the start of each tournament round, each player must place one chocolate easter egg 1 (of the players choice) as his ante for the round. At any stage, when a card instructs the player to ante another card, he must add another easter egg to his ante. Any card referring to the ante cards refers to the ante'd easter eggs instead.

When you oust your prey, you win the egg(s) ante'd by your prey (in addition to the VP and 6 pool). Winning the ante is subject to the same rules as VPs, so, in the event of double ousting your prey and grandprey, your prey gets a VP and the grandprey's ante.

Relevant rulings

Cunctator motion

> When setting terms for cunctator motion, does every methuselah have to have a card put in front of him/her, or can you, for example, pile all the cards in front of your prey?

LSJ: You rearrange them such that each player ends up with the same number of ante cards "in front of her" as she had before the vote.


1. Chocolate bunnies or other Easter themed candy may be accepted as subsitutes at the judge's discretion